Current Series

Ask different people and you'll get different opinions on the essentials of life, but what are the essentials for living? Mike Youngberg, Eric Holness, Robert Hicks and Christopher Fritz will be speaking on this topic, "Essentials For Living."

10/9: Essentials For Living, "Using Your Bible To Make Decisions"

10/16: Picnic Gathering @ Huddart Park

10/23: Essentials For Living, "How To Invest Your Life"

10/30: Essentials For Living, "How To Tell God You Love Him"

11/6: Essentials For Living, "Fulfilling My Life Mission"

Not In Person For Now

*** Note: Due to COVID-19 precautions there will be no in-person church services for the time being. *** However, we'll be meeting online via Zoom. Request your Zoom info here or check our facebook page.

We are looking forward to resuming in-person gatherings soon!

How are you caring for others like Jesus today?