Current Series

During this message series, we'll be learning through the beatitudes about how the Holy Spirit nurtures us in these uncertain and difficult times.

9/19, 26: Zoom Gatherings: Christopher Fritz will continue and conclude the theme of the beatitudes.

10/3: Eric Holness will begin his series, "Uncomfortable Conversations." This will be a 5 week study that engages the less attractive scriptures dealing with trauma, injustice and inequity.

10/3: Zoom Gatherings: Eric Holness will begin his series with "Are we there yet?" Jesus has been on his way for quite some time, and times are only getting worse. Is it even worth the wait?

10/10: Zoom Gatherings: Eric Holness will continue his series with "Reclaiming & Renaming, pt 1." What do you do when you encounter God but the situations don't change? Together let's find strength for today and hope for tomorrow.

Not In Person For Now

*** Note: Due to COVID-19 precautions there will be no in-person church services from 3/14-9/30. *** However, we'll be meeting online via Zoom. Request your Zoom info here or check our facebook page.

How are you loving like Jesus today?